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Welcome to Raskenlund

Raskenlund is a small, yet engaged company where we help you and your organization with ICT, Internet and WebTV. Advice, installation, web-applications, and a lot more. We specialize in tailor-made solutions for those who can't get comfortable with off-the-shelf products. Read more ...

What we do

 Streaming Media and Wowza

 Software architecture and Development

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On-board entertainment by SatPoint

Live TV and a wide choice of the latest movies, directly in your cabin, or on your mobile device via the ship's WiFi! That's what SatPoint AB - a Stockholm based company - now offers to cruise ships and vessels around the world.

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New Website

Finally, our new website is ready and launched. Enjoy what's been published so far, and check back regularly for updates, offers and interesting articles.


If you have a question about our services or products, please feel free to contact us by email (mail@raskenlund.com) or directly via Skype (id: raskenlund)

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